About Us

Active Living Partners is a division of Human Kinetics, the information leader in physical activity. Our mission is to help people improve their health and quality of life. We produce educational programs and tools for health and fitness professionals and the general public that help people adopt and maintain healthy habits such as physical activity and balanced eating.

Active Living Partners programs address physical inactivity and unbalanced eating, two leading causes of obesity, heart disease, and other chronic ailments. Our programs are being successfully used in worksites, hospitals, community health programs, senior residences, colleges and universities, fitness centers, as well as by individual people. The success these programs have had in empowering people to change their health habits can be traced to the following:

  • Focus on behavior change. Active Living Partners programs effectively address the underlying causes of poor health habits. Our focus on lifestyle management skills and realistically paced change is more likely to result in lasting behavior change.
  • Scientific basis. Our programs have been developed in partnership with The Cooper Institute and use curriculums that have been proven effective in clinical trials.
  • Personalized approach. Our courses allow people to tailor the program based on things such as their stages of readiness to change, lifestyle, and personal preferences.
  • Flexible delivery options. Active Living Partners courses can be delivered in groups, online, or via phone or face-to-face coaching. This enables organizations to better reach their constituents.
  • Ongoing support. We provide comprehensive support through our staff and support Web site. Use our online tools to evaluate your program, communicate with other providers and your classes, share best practices, and stay on top of the latest research in the fields of behavior change and healthy living. Contact us for more information on our support services.

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