Become a Provider

We create programs to help you improve the health of your community or business. We know that you need proven, realistic programs that work for your specific needs, and we can give you those solutions. Our providers represent a variety of organizations, including worksites, hospitals, colleges and universities, public health groups, fitness centers, and senior residences. They report high enrollment and completion rates, improved health measures such as blood pressure and cholesterol, and satisfied clients who would recommend Active Living Partners programs. We want to help you get similar results.

Here's what some of our providers have to say about why they chose to offer Active Living Partners programs.

"I think this course is excellent! It's right on board with what we are trying to do. I especially like how you put theory into practice."
-Carol Kennedy, Indiana University
"Active Living Every Day is so great! For people who have been struggling for years and years to be physically active, this is the answer."
-Tracy Slate, OASIS Institute, San Antonio, TX

Why would you want to offer Active Living Partners programs? Not only will you get cost-effective, research-based programs that are proven to work, but you'll receive these benefits as well:

  • Save precious staff time and money with complete programs that make implementation simple. We provide you with lesson plans, marketing materials, consultative support-everything you need to run a successful program.
  • Meet strategic goals to combat physical inactivity and obesity with research-based programs from The Cooper Institute, which has achieved worldwide recognition for its outstanding scientific research on physical activity and health.
  • Use a variety of staff to implement the courses. Professionals not involved in the health care field can serve as facilitators, opening up your options and making the best use of your resources.
  • Meet the needs of shift workers, home-bound residents, employees who travel, and people with busy schedules with our flexible delivery options. These options include a traditional group setting, online programs, one-to-one coaching, and a combination of the formats.
  • Attract a new market for your health and fitness business by helping people in your community become active and learn to eat better.
  • Affect the bottom line by decreasing health care costs as people change their habits and improve their health.
  • Reduce absenteeism and increase productivity as you effectively address two leading risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic illnesses.

Get Started
You can become a provider by following these simple steps:

  1. Contact Active Living Partners at 800-747-4457 ext 2522 or
  2. Sign a license agreement. This allows you to offer Active Living Partners courses and to use our name, logo, and materials.
  3. Complete facilitator training. We ask all our providers to complete an online facilitator course, participate in either an in-person or Web-based training workshop, and pass an online exam. Click here to view our current training workshop schedule.
  4. Start offering courses! We provide you with everything you need to get started: lesson plans, marketing materials, guidance on working with groups, and support from our staff when you need it.