Take a Course

It's easy to take an Active Living Partners course. Our programs can be taken through one of our provider organizations or independently online. The following briefly describes each of our courses and shows you how to get started.

Active Living Every Day
Active Living Every Day helps you become and stay physically active. You learn how to set realistic goals, avoid pitfalls, and find support for being active. For a complete description, click here.

Healthy Eating Every Day
Address the real causes of your unhealthy eating habits and find the tools you need to succeed in eating better with Healthy Eating Every Day. You'll discover how to choose the right balance of the right foods for optimal health, set realistic goals and rewards, and cope with triggers for unhealthy eating. Your course package will include a book, online study guide, and online food log. For a complete description of the course, click here.

Find a Course Provider Near You
You can take Active Living Partners courses with a licensed provider in your community or online on your own. To locate a provider near you, choose a state or country in the box below. To purchase a participant package and take the course on your own, click here.


Register for a Course
If you take one of our courses through a licensed provider, you will register for the course and receive your materials from that provider. If you don't have a provider near you, or just want to take a course on your own, you can purchase materials from this site. Your participant package will contain instructions for registering online for the course. Click here to order your course package, or search for other Human Kinetics products.