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Spotlight on the New York State Quality and Technical Assistance Center

How do you get thousands of people to move more? By helping one small group at a time learn strategies for overcoming their barriers to being active. That’s the tactic being used by the New York State Quality and Technical Assistance Center (QTAC). Lisa Ferretti, the QTAC director, shared their plans for launching Active Living Every Day programs throughout the state.

ALP: Briefly describe your organization, and explain how Active Living Every Day fits into your organization’s mission.

QTAC: The New York State Quality and Technical Assistance Center supports the dissemination and delivery of evidence-based health promotion programs through a network of partners that enhance self-management supports through community–clinical links. Active Living Every Day was added to QTAC offerings to provide an evidence-based program that has been shown to increase physical activity in adults. Active Living Every Day is seen as a program that reinforces primary prevention strategies used by other programs supported by the QTAC and its partners.

ALP: Explain the initiative you’re implementing that uses Active Living Every Day. This may include the partnering organizations and how they are involved, number of facilitators and participants you plan to include over the course of the program, and the initiative’s goals.

QTAC: The goal of this current initiative is to advance Active Living Every Day as a way to engage adults throughout New York State in a lifestyle change program focused on increasing physical activity. We intend to offer training and technical assistance to our networked partners who would like to add Active Living Every Day to their program offerings. We will collect data that we hope will demonstrate high rates of program retention and an increase in self-reported minutes per week of physical activity. This is a three-year project, and by the end of the three years we hope to train 150 Active Living Every Day facilitators who will offer 300 Active Living Every Day community workshops, serving approximately 3,000 individuals.

ALP: Will you offer in-person programs, online programs, or a combination of both?

QTAC: The majority of our Active Living Every Day programs will be provided in person in community-based organizations. This program delivery method has been effective throughout our partner network with many other programs, and currently there are more than 800 delivery sites in the state already engaged in this type of program offering. We do intend to test an online or telephone version of the Active Living Every Day program in the second or third year.

ALP: Will your programs target specific demographic groups to reach at-risk populations, or will they be offered to more general audiences?

QTAC: We will focus on encouraging people with arthritis or mobility-limiting conditions to enroll in Active Living Every Day. One facet of our mission is to recognize and respond to the needs of vulnerable and oppressed populations. Living with a chronic condition such as arthritis affects all areas of a person’s life, and the evidence that physical activity programs can assist individuals in improving mobility and quality of life makes Active Living Every Day a great option for our partners and communities.

At the same time, we welcome all to register for the program, not just those with a chronic condition. Because we know that becoming more active can benefit anyone, Active Living Every Day is open to all individuals in our network.

To learn more about QTAC’s Active Living Every Day program, visit their website at For details on offering Active Living Every Day in your community, visit, call 800-747-4457 ext 2522, or send an e-mail to

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